DJI product launch Oct 11th – DJI Reflections

Well, that came as a surprise. DJI just posted a teaser video for an Oct 11th Event. The video is available below.

The teaser shows cinematic shots both from an aerial platform and a land-based system. This could point to a new Osmo 2, a brand new drone which features a camera which you can remove and mount on a stabilizing device such as an Osmo (think gopro Karma but good). We’re fairly certain this product is more in the prosumer if not professional space as the shots in the video are filled with really high-end shots, beautiful bokeh, what you would expect from a professional level camera.

The end of the video shows a close-up of a camera lens. Perhaps the Hasselblad partnership has had an impact on a combined product between DJI and Hasselblad.

UPDATE: The Zenmuse X7 is confirmed!

Details to the Zenmuse X7 on our Zenmuse X7 release page

For more check out the DJI Site here.

(At the time of publishing this initial article there wasn’t anything to be seen on DJI’s site directly…Yet.)


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Author: Felix

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