The best Quadcopter for Beginners

You’re interested in getting into RC in general but specifically you want to start into quadcopters. There may be a few lingering questions you are seeking answered:

-Where should you start, which size quadcopter should you get?
-Which features are important to have in your first quadcopter?
-Which Model should you choose?

alright let’s answer these questions.


-Where should you start?

Decide what size quadcopter your interested in starting out with. A smaller quadcopter you can fly indoors if your careful :). A larger one on the other hand may require you to fly outside exclusively. It can be a pain to find a safe flying site outside if you have to drive to get there.


-Which features are important to have in your first quadcopter?

You want a quadcopter with 4 channels, this allows you to raise, lower, move left, right, forwards and backwards, and rotate your quad left and right. As this will be your first quadcopter you will not only want but need some sort of stabilization, whether it be through gyros, barometers, cameras or flight computers. The good thing is that almost all smaller sized beginner quadcopters already have this feature. Another interesting feature is a level or mode which lets you enable an advanced mode which allows the quadcopter to react in a more agile way. Sometimes this is called Dual-Rates, a rate of movement or control inputs also called Low-Rate for limited movement (good for learning) and a more advanced High-Rate which allows you to do more advanced maneuvers, therefore making it more difficult to fly.


-Which Model should you choose?

Lately there are so many models of beginner quadcopters it’s difficult to choose. It’s a wise choice to chose one that is popular since that usually means there are replacement batteries and propellers widely available. My choice for the best beginner quadcopter is the Syma X1. Be sure to pick up a few extra batteries and a set of extra props.




What’s next?
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