DJI Inspire 2 Rumors & Leaks

    Everything you need to know about the just released DJI Inspire 2. DJI announced this new prosumer drone at the Los Angeles Control/Create Event on Nov 15th. Take a look at all the Inspire 2 details below.

    Breaking DJI Inspire 2 News! Leaked photos, documents and everything else you need to know about the upcoming DJI Inspire 2 release! We analyze the latest Leaks and Rumors. The next release of the Inspire Series is around the corner. Check out what we know about the DJI Inspire 2!

    Update: We expect it to be announced at the Nov 15th Event. See below. The rumored Release Date for the DJI Inspire 2 is November 2016. The 8th has been thrown around but we aren’t very certain about this date, as the Mavic launch has caused some manufacturing delays at DJI. We still expect the Inspire 2 announcement in November. There have been leaks about the Phantom 4 Pro as well.

    The Inspire 2 has arrived! Pre-Order at the following link:

    inspire2728x90qcg(DJI Inspire 2 Pre-Order Link)

     DJI also announced the Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro+. Check them out here:


    Inspire 2 Features:

    • Magnesium Alloy composite shell, carbon fiber arms
    • 0-50mph (0-80km/h) in just 4 seconds with max speed of 67mph(108km/h)
      • max descent speed of 9m/s
    • Remote Control
      • Signal frequency switching between 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz
      • 4.3mi/7km range
      • 1080p/720p video + FPV video stream
      • Master Slave Controllers
        • Multiple slave controllers supported
        • Master and slave can be up to 100m apart
        • Master sends HD video to Slave controller
        • New tuned control sticks allow for easier delicate maneuvers
      • Extension Port, HDMI and USB Port
    • All-new imaging processing system records up to 5.2K CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes & more
      • [email protected]
      • Record simultaneously to DJI CINESSD and a microSD card
      • FAT32/exFAT universal file system
      • new image system currently supports X3S and X5S cameras
      • Broadcast mode with 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal
    • Spotlight Pro – Allows single pilot flights ability to create complex & dramatic shots
      • Quick Mode
      • Composition Mode
      • TapFly can be used to navigate Inspire 2 while you control the camera
    • On-board FPV and dual channel video transmission
      • two axis stabilized FPV camera
        • independently adjustable pitch
    • Allows pilot to keep looking forward while the Camera operator on second remote follows subject
    • Dual Battery System 98Wh- flights up to 27 minutes (with X4S)
      • Self heating for cold weather missions
    • Two directions of Obstacle Avoidance
      • Forward and downward vision systems enable the Inspire 2 to detect obstacles up to 30m ahead.
        • Allows protected flight up to 34mph(54km/h)
      • Upward facing infrared sensors add protection while flying in enclosed areas
    • Dual redundant IMU, compass and barometer
      • Dual batteries – allow one to fail and still keep the Inspire 2 in the air
      • New propulsion system has been tested for thousands of hours
    • Return-to-home detects obstacles as far as 200m in front
    • Other Features incl. Details of the X4S & X5S are found here

    inspire2728x90qcg(DJI Inspire 2 Pre-Order Link)

    Inspire 2 features we expected before launch:

    • Dual IMU & Compass – built in redundancy
    • Ocusync Technology – greatly improving Lag time and image transmission back to the Remote Control
    • Improved motors allowing for top speed 80Km/h+
    • Increased flight time through new battery and improved motors & ESC’s
    • Improved battery life through the new TB50 battery (6s battery)
      • The batteries will no longer have a plastic cap like they currently do, the batteries feature a rectangular design and have the battery status LED’s on the side
    • Forward facing Obstacle Avoidance
    • Backward compatible with existing Inspire Zenmuse Gimbals & Cameras
    • Package featuring Z3 Gimbal & Camera
    • Base Package with X3/Z3 Camera to be priced around $2699

    Inspire 2 features we may see:

    • Dual 6s battery support
    • Package launching with a 4x Battery Charging Hub

    Update 11: There appears to be two new Zenmuse Gimbals coming:

    We have received word of a Zenmuse X4S and a Zenmuse X5S coming at tomorrow’s event. The X4S may even be a 1″ Sensor. We will find out soon enough why this would be called the X4S and not the X6S.

    Update 10: DJI posts the Official Inspire 2 Teaser Video for Nov 15th Event!

    Control Create Event Video by DJI(DJI Inspire 2 Teaser Video by DJI. Click above to view the Teaser)

    The Video shows a few interesting tidbits besides the amazing Hollywood grade aerial footage. On the Screengrabs below you can get your first “official” peak (see leaked image below in Update 7) of the Inspire 2. First up is a first look at the active Obstacle Avoidance sensors. Similar to the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro, the Inspire 2 will receive these two forward facing sensors. They are mounted on a special support board that extends from each side of the Inspire 2’s nose.

    inspire2_obstacle_avoidance_qcg(Inspire 2 Forward Facing Obstable Avoidance Sensors)

    Here is another look at the original leaked image, you can see the Obstacle Sensing Sensors:


    Finally, we found this last image sneaked into the teaser video. It appears to either be the base of the Obstacle Avoidance Sensors, meaning the sensors could fold up 90 degrees so they aren’t hanging out towards the front during transport, or the base of the motors.


    Update 9: Inspire 2 hits FCC Registration!

    fcc_id_inspire2_qcg(DJI Inspire 2 FCC ID leaked)

    The DJI Inspire 2 has hit the FCC ID Registration database. It’s labeled as the Inspire 2 Model T650A.

    If we compare the Dimensions listed on the FCC Part 15.247 Test Reports you can see that the Inspire 2 will be very similar in size to the Inspire 1:

    Inspire 1:  46.0 cm (L) x 44.0 cm (W) x 31.0 cm(H), rated input voltage: DC 22.2V from lithium battery.
    Inspire 2: 47.0 cm (L) x 44.0 cm (W) x 33.0 cm(H), rated input voltage: DC 22.8V from lithium battery.

    Expected Release Date DJI Inspire 2: Nov 15th. See Update 8 below. The Inspire 1 Test Report was submitted on Oct. 31 and the Drone was announced 12 days later on Nov 12th. The Inspire 2 Test Report was submitted on Oct 28th, so a Nov 15 announcement is very likely. (EDIT: it’s happening folks!)

    There are rumors of the Inspire 2 being able to accept two TB50 batteries at once. We aren’t sure why DJI would go this route unless you could optionally fly with one battery as well. The weight difference from one to two batteries at a time would pose an interesting challenge. We would be surprised if this were actually a feature of the Inspire 2. Currently we don’t buy it.

    Update 8: DJI sends out invitations for a November 15th Event.

    DJI has begun sending out invitations for their “Control/Create” Event which will take place in Los Angeles on November 15th 2016.

    invite_qcg(Invitation to DJI Inspire 2 Event)

    UPDATE 7: DJI Inspire 2 image leaked! (Oct 27th)

    The first images of the DJI Inspire 2 have been leaked. The photo shows an Inspire 2 sitting in its foam tray used inside the Inspire shipment cases.

    DJI Inspire 2 photo leaked(DJI Inspire 2 Photo leaked)

    The new batteries for the Inspire 2 are rumored to be named TB50, and as seen from the leaked photo above it doesn’t appear to slide in from the top of the quadcopters shell. It may very well slide in from the rear of the drone.

    UPDATE 6: DJI Inspire 2 confirmed (Updated Oct 26th)

    The recent FCC documentation confirms the arrival of an Inspire 2. Page 9 of the FCC Test Report clearly mentions the use of an “Inspire 2 Charger/Charging Hub” on its Support Equipment List used to charge the new Inspire 2 Remote Control.

    i2_charger_hub_qcgDJI Inspire 2 Charger Hub mentioned in FCC Test Report

    UPDATE 5: Remote Control for the DJI Inspire 2 – GL6D10A leaked

    Just a few days ago on Oct. 6th, DJI filed for an FCC ID Application for a new Remote Control with the FCC ID GL6D10A. Since the Inspire 1 FCC ID is GL658 we are fairly certain this will be the remote control for the much anticipated DJI Inspire 2. An FCC ID is a required piece of identification required for all hardware devices being sold in the United States. Each unique identifier assigned to a device has to be registered with the United States Federal Communications Commission. Before the product can be sold, the manufacturer has to have the device evaluated by an independent lab to ensure it conforms to FCC standards.

    Further details on the GL6D10A Remote Control state that it has an input voltage of DC7.4V from its lithium battery, same as the Inspire 1 RC.

    rc_fcc_id_label_qcgThe FCC sticker on the Inspire 2 Remote Control

    DJI Inspire 2 Remote Control leakedLocation of the FCC sticker on the Inspire 2 Remote Control

    Comparing the Inspire 2 GL6D10A Remote Control to the Inspire 1 GL658 Remote Control:

    If we compare the FCC ID label images from the Inspire 2 to the Inspire 1 we can see that the remote control is practically identical from the bottom.

    Inspire 2 Remote Control compared to the Inspire 1 Remote Control


    UPDATE 4: Is this a CAD drawing of the DJI Inspire 2?

    (EDIT: this is a CAD drawing of the Inspire 1). The following CAD Drawing of the Inspire 2 has just been leaked. It looks very similar to the Inspire 1.  The black dot on the front of the gimbal plate is most likely an FPV camera (Edit: This is a set screw on the Inspire 1) to allow the Pilot to see forward as the camera operator moves the main camera around. The bottom two images appear to be showing off the new hardshell case the Inspire 2 will ship in. See rumored specs below the images:

    Inspire2_Leak_TitleLeaked DJI Inspire 2 Pro

    DJI Inspire 2 FactoryDJI Inspire 2 with Z3 Camera being assembled

    DJI Inspire 2 Hardshell CaseNew Hardshell case for Inspire 2

    With the release of the Z3 camera we are certain that this will be the camera shipping with the normal DJI Inspire 2. Of course, there will be an Inspire 2 Pro with the X5 camera. The following Specs are rumored to be included in the Inspire 2:

    • Lightbridge 2 – Low latency 1080P
    • Z3 camera with 3x optical zoom
    • Battery life will improve to allow 20min flights with Z3 camera

    UPDATE 3: DJI just launched the Zenmuse Z3 Gimbal and Camera. The first camera with optical zoom capabilities. It seems pretty clear that this technology will also be featured on the upcoming Inspire 2. Currently, the camera offers a 3.5x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom utilizing a similar sensor to the X3 camera. It can be mounted on; the Inspire 1 series, Inspire 1 v2.0, Matrice 100 and Matrice 600.

    UPDATE 2: A Declaration of Conformity for the DJI Inspire 2 has been leaked. The Declaration of Conformity is a special document which DJI signs to state that the product meets all of the requirements applicable to such class of product. You may recall seeing the letters CE on FCC Stickers on electrical products. CE stands for “Conformité Européenne” which means European Conformity. All products being sold in Europe which are not manufactured in Europe have to have this certification. For us, it means that the process of releasing the DJI Inspire 2 is under way, and we will see other Leaks soon. Subscribe to not miss out on any news! You can do this by clicking the Link or scrolling to the end of this article and filling out the form.

    DJI Inspire 2 Declaration of Conformity


    UPDATE: The DJI Inspire 1 just received a hefty price reduction of 35% from $3,099 to $1,999. This is one of the first signs of seeing the DJI Inspire 2 soon.

    DJI Inspire 2 Release Date Timeframe

    The Inspire 2 Release is arriving in the coming months and we will provide you with the latest leaks and our analysis of everything we have found on the upcoming release of the DJI Inspire 2. We are the leading rumors site for DJI Quadcopters such as the Inspire 1, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 or even products such as the DJI Osmo and the newly released Osmo+. The Inspire 1 was released November 13th, 2014 pointing to a Release Date of the DJI Inspire 2 within the next weeks/months.


    The basic structure of the Inspire 2 won’t change too much, the carbon fiber arms with it’s patented raising landing gear, ensures a full 360 degree shot is possible without getting the landing gear in the frame.
    DJI Inspire Landing Gear movement

    DJI Inspire Landing Gear Movement

    DJI Inspire 2 Feature Wishlist

    The Inspire Series has become the go-to drone for prosumers and professionals alike.  The ability to move the camera independantly of the drone body is hugely important for professional video footage. With the X5 camera release the Inspire Series becameSome of the top features we are hoping to see included:

    • FPV Camera (so the pilot can see which way the Inspire 2 is flying while the camera operator has the camera facing away from the direction of flight)
    • Longer flight times. 18 minutes for the Inspire 1 Pro with the  standard TB47 battery is a bit short. Sure you can get the TB48 for 22min flight time, but those aren’t available in all countries
    • Better options for lenses on the pro. Currently only a few lenses are officially supported. We would like this number to increase and allow for various types of lenses. Sure this is difficult because the gimbal is made to balance a specific weight, but we hope DJI rises to the challange.

    Optical Sensors & Guidance

    It makes sense to see at least frontal Guidance Sensors as seen on the Phantom 4



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    Author: Felix

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    1. I fly my drone from my boat so I am never at the same place where I originally launched from. it would be great if the new drone defaulted to fly to the transmitter /remote controller as a homebase instead of where it took off from when it flies back to home, Splash :(

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      • Conrad, thanks for your comment. We agree a dynamic homepoint would be a great feature for people flying from moving platforms. It is a difficult thing to implement as it would have to use your mobile devices GPS chip which is not as accurate as the GPS/GLONASS system in the Inspire.

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