Live Stream to Facebook from your DJI Drone

P4&ZuckImage by TVN

Soon you will be able to stream your live view from your DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 directly on Facebook. Facebook announced at their F8 developer conference that DJI is one of their launch partners, enabling DJI quadcopter owners to be the first to use this new feature. While Youtube streaming has been available, this will surely get more people watching as most people have the Facebook App on their smartphone.


We imagine your Facebook friends will receive notifications when your stream goes live to ensure you always have Friends & Family watching you capture the skies. DJI will update their DJI GO App to include this new feature to stream on Facebook. Be sure to follow our How to update Phantom 4 Firmware Guide to get this new feature upon release.


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Author: Felix

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