Getting started

You’ve heard of drones, UAV’s, quadrocopter and quadcopters. How do they fly? What makes them fly so stable? What is the range one can get with a quadcopter? What all do you need to know before jumping into the world of quadcopters?

So many questions you have when first looking into quadcopters or RC aircraft in general.

Lucky for you I had these same questions and have done the research. I first got into the world of RC in 2001-2002 when I learned to fly a nitro (fuel) based trainer. Basically an easy to fly flat bottom wing airplane with 4 channels. Since I didn’t feel like crashing such an (at the time expensive) investment I took lessons from an experienced instructor. This ensured a fun, safe and successful experience. After I learned how to fly I built some ARF (almost ready to fly) kits, normal kits where you just get a bundle of balsa sticks and have to glue them all perfectly then sand and cover, flew a few electric planes, some big some tiny, few helicopters and finally the latest type of aircraft I can add to my flying hangar, quadcopters.

Now, quadcopters have evolved into incredibly smart and easy to fly aircraft, so if you take it easy and follow a few easy steps and guides you don’t need an instructor and all that jazz.


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What questions do you have that you want answered? Shoot me an email off the contact page and I’ll be sure to get it answered.

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