DJI Phantom 5 Rumors – The latest Leaks & photos

The rumor mills are in full swing after the first real images leaked of the DJI Phantom 5 with removable camera lenses.

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DJI Phantom 5 Rumors & Leaks

There have been rumors of the specs for the Phantom 5 for quite some time as expectations of what the new drone may have circulated the net.

Now, however, we got informed of the first “real” leaked photographs of DJIs much-anticipated Phantom 5 Drone.


Update: More images leaked of the DJI Phantom 5!


(Phantom 5 Gimbal in a closer look)


(Another view of the gimbal with interchangeable lens mount)

(Phantom 5 in the wild, flying)


Initial leak

As you can see in the leaked images below the Phantom 5 from DJI is due to get a massive upgrade. Changeable lenses!

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Author: Felix

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