The DJI Spark is here!

    DJI just announced the much rumored and leaked DJI Spark! The Spark is a brand new mini drone from the leader in drones, DJI. The feature packed little package offers a lot of the features found in DJIs larger more expensive drones. The DJI Spark allows you to capture images and video in the moment, as you can control it and capture images with just gesture controls. No phone or remote control required! Let’s dive into the exciting features of the Spark:

    (Available in 5 different colors)

    DJI Spark Features



    • Mechanical Gimbal
      • The 2-axis mechanical gimbal in addition to UltraSmooth technology reduces shake and rolling shutter. This allows your images and video to be stable and sharp.
    • Powerful Lens
      • Images are sharp, vivid due to its f/2.6 wide-angle lens with a 25mm equivalent focal length. The lens also has been designed to reduce color aberration and distortion. The lens features 5 lens elements.
    • 1/2.3″ Sensor
      • A larger camera sensor than in an iPhone 7 allows you to capture stabilized video at 1080p and stills at 12MP. The large sensor allows for use of larger pixels which improve low light performance and color accuracy.

    • The camera also allows you to take automatic panorama photos as well as ShallowFocus pictures. This is a similar feature to the iPhone 7 plus’ Portrait mode where the background of the image gets magically blurred allowing for that professional look.


    Flight Performance

    • The DJI Spark will fly up to 50 km/h (31mph) in sports mode (RC required)
    • 2km HD Wi-Fi Video Transmission
    • 16 minute max flight time
      • 1480 mAh 3S LiPo (Lithium Polymer) intelligent batteries are monitored using 12 protection functions
    • FPV flight possible with DJI Goggles
    • FlightAutonomy
      • Sparks Systems include the main camera
      • Vision Positioning System (VPS)
      • 3D Sensing System
      • Dual Band GPS (GPS/GLONASS)
      • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
      • 24 powerful computing cores
      • Return-to-home (RTH)

    All these systems allow the DJI Spark to hover accurately anywhere while utilizing its VPS assistance up to 30m (98ft) and sense obstacles from up to 5m (16ft) away.

    Interactive Features

    • Quick Launch – With “Face-Aware” Spark lifts off directly from your hand once it recognizes your face. It will then hover in place seconds after being turned on.
    • Simple Control – This allows you to use gesture control to move the drone as well as take pictures. No more asking strangers to take a picture of your group!
    • Create with Ease using QuickShots – Intelligent flight modes allow you to capture videos like a professional drone pilot. Create cinematic footage right away.

    Quick Shots

    • Rocket – The Spark will ascend with the camera facing downward creating an amazing zoom out style shot.
    • Dronie – The drone flies backward and upward, while the camera stays locked on your subject.
    • Circle – This feature is called point-of-interest in the larger DJI drones, and allows you to fly a perfect circle around a subject of your choice.
    • Helix – The DJI Spark will fly upward while spiraling around the subject.


    TapFly allows you to control your DJI Spark by just touching the screen of your Smartphone. There are two different modes of doing this. The first is called Coordinate Mode which allows you to tap the screen and fly to the spot tapped while maintaining altitude. The second mode allows you to keep flying in the direction you tap on the screen. In this second mode you can tap above or below the Horizon line and the drone will climb or descend according to how far above or below the horizon line you tap.

    TapFly makes full use of the vision technology onboard the Spark to avoid obstacles. You can, of course, capture images and video on-demand while using TapFly


    ActiveTrack allows your DJI Spark to automatically recognize objects of different sizes and shapes and follow/track them dynamically. The Spark will follow the object in two different modes:

    • Trace – The target gets tracked from in front or behind, and the drone can even circle around the subject.
    • Profile – Follow your subject from a fixed perspective.


    Special Gesture Control allows you to control the DJI Spark with just your hands. The drone will hover a few feet away from you and use it’s camera and complex gesture recognition and adjust it’s position based on how you move your hand. It also allows you to capture selfies just with gesture control. When you are done PalmControl will allow you to land the spark directly in the Palm of your hand.

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    Author: Felix

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