DJI Osmo Unboxing – a closer look at the handheld 4k stabilized Camera

The DJI Osmo launched recently and here we will be taking a closer look at the Osmo and its X3 Camera. The Osmo is DJI’s modified X3 Camera which is the camera used on the big brother of the Phantom 3, the Inspire 1. To learn more about the Osmo and the X3 Camera check out all the facts on our Osmo launch page. Update: Have a look at our own DJI Osmo Unboxing video:

Now to the contents and what you receive with your Osmo:

  • Storage Case
  • DJI Osmo with X3 Camera
  • Mobile Device Holder
  • Charger Power Cable
  • Storage Case Shoulder Strap
  • Intelligent Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Lens Cap
  • UV Filter
  • Rosette Protection Cap
  • 16gb microSD Card
  • Additionally you receive following manuals:
    • In the Box
    • Osmo Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines
    • Osmo Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines
    • Osmo Quick Start Guide

A few more images of the Osmo. Note the microSD slot on the right side of the camera, and the Rosette Mount on the right side of the handle. The Rosette Mount is what is used to attach the Mobile Device Holder.Osmo_angled_front Here the collapsed mobile device holder is visible.Osmo_angled_back The X3 Camera on its own:Osmo_X3_camera_only How the Osmo fits in your hand.Osmo_how_to_holdThe DJI Osmo with an iPhone 6s plus in the mobile device holder.Osmo_back_side_with_iPhoneAccessories available at launch:

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Author: Felix

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