Remote ID – FAA Fail. Why it is so bad, and what we can do

    The FAA published its Remote ID NPRM or Notice for Proposed Rulemaking. Essentially this is a document draft of the laws that the FAA wants to put into place currently. We have a chance to comment on these proposed rules, however. Check out everything you need to know about the proposal from the FAA here:

    Important Remote ID Links:

    Check out the Remote ID NRPM from the FAA – The official FAA Remote ID NPRM

    Click here to go comment on the proposal – The official FAA Remote ID NPRM comment system. Please remember to not copy and paste and explain how this would affect you, and what you propose as a better solution if you have one.

    You can download the highlighted version I showed in my video here – This is the highlighted version of the NPRM i showed in the video.

    See DJI’s view on this Remote ID NPRM here – The view of DJI on this Remote ID business. It’s not what you expect.

    FPVFC Laymans Guide to Remote ID – Useful summary of the Remote ID proposal


    To be reminded to enter your comment before the deadline, use the form at the bottom of the page.

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    Author: Felix

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