FREE Mavic Mini Giveaway – Details on how to WIN!


    Today we are doing something a bit different. We have a brand new Mavic Mini to give away for FREE! Details on how to win are below:

    What is the Mavic Mini?

    The Mavic Mini is DJI’s latest compact drone or quadcopter. Weighing in at just under 250grams, it literally “flies below the radar” of many federal airspace agencies when it comes to registration requirements. It has become the go-to drone for travel as well, due to the extremely compact size of the Mavic Mini.

    The Giveaway:

    Mavic Mini Giveaway & Review - Win A FREE DJI Drone! [4K]

    Be sure to check the details in the video above for how to enter the Giveaway.


    *The winner will receive a coupon code that they can use until April 30th to receive a $399 discount on the Mavic Mini on DJI’s online store. This contest is open to US & Canada shipping addresses. By commenting below with your email which is only visible to me by the way, you allow me to sign you up for the Quadcopterguide email list. I send out occasional, interesting quadcopter related content. Unsubscribe at any time.


    Check out some of our videos on the Mavic Mini here:

    Mavic Mini First Impressions:

    Mavic Mini First Impressions - First Flights [4K]

    Mavic Mini Camera – What’s it capable of Part 1 (Photo):

    Mavic Mini Camera - What’s it capable of Part 1

    Mavic Mini Camera Part 2 – Video Samples (Before & After):

    Mavic Mini Camera - Video Samples (Before & After)


    Here is the rest of the Mavic Mini Videos:

    Check out the entire Mavic Mini Playlist: Quadcopterguide’s Mavic Mini Playlist


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    Author: Felix

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    1. Hey, my name is Xavier and I have a yoitive channel called Baltic boy wandering and it is about the trips I’ve taken with my family. I have only ever filmed with my iPhone but have alwase dreamed of having a drone to capture Ariel shots someday. I have been saving for the dji spark for the past 2 years and only have $200 so far, as soon as the dji Mavic mini came out I was extremely exited!!! I was determined that I would save up enough to buy it by next week (March 18) because we are going on a vacation. I have the money, but cannot hate purchasing it knowing that there are poor people who could use my money to impact others lives. I told myself I wouldn’t buy this drone until I have Triple the amount so I can donate 2/3 of it to people in need. I have been saving since 2018 but still don’t have the money… it would be an absolute Miracle to receive this drone so I can bring it on our trip and be able to donate all of the money I’ve been saving. It would mean such a big deal if I could somehow win this. I love your vids man, I am part of the notification squad. Can’t wait for some new amazing content.
      God bless,
      Xavier Lipani

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    2. Hi, I’m Prince from the Philippines. I am a student if FEU-Institute of technology and photography and video editing is my greatest hobby it gives me a lot of joy. I only captures photos and creates mini-vlogs using my mobile phone. I hope to win this Mavic Mini Giveaway to help me start with my plans on opening a youtube channel and create vlogs related to travel and people which also aims to (1) to promote the isolated and almost forgotten parts and islands of the Philippines (2) to promote the golden culture of the tribes in the Philippines and (3) and spread the beauty of nature by producing quality imagery, video, and content for youtube

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    3. Having fun making cool videos in Canada.

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    4. I’d take it to whereever I go and take beautiful shots.

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    5. Hi Felix, I just recently have seen some of the videos and pictures from drones and have become interested in them. I have a small photography business, and thought that this type of photography could enhance some of my photo shoots as well. I have always been interested in small scale remote controlling, and this idea of flying and pictures could easily satisfy multiple desires all in one. I have wandered through your site, and still trying to decide on which craft to invest in, hoping something here will help make up my mind. Thanks for all that you do.

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    6. I really want to win the drone because with the corona I cant have any birthday on march 29th . I wanna use him for my hobby and that is travelling around the world. I hope I win. BTW I am from belgium so my english is not very well.

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    7. I would probably use it to shoot some hyperlapses ;)
      Thanks for the opportunity

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    8. I would use this drone as my first drone, learning the basics, and having fun flying it!

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    9. I would use this drone to go to places that I would never be able to see. I have had a DJI tello but I am now looking for something a bit more but I don’t have much money as I am in college.

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    10. I would use this drone to go to places that I would never be able to see, I want to get into arieal photography or possible filming and thought that this would be a good first step. I have had a DJI tello but I am now looking for something a bit more but I don’t have much money as I am in college.

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    11. Hi I have always wanted a drone but never really had a chance to buy one. I am learning photography in high school but am thinking I might prefer ariel photography.

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    12. Hi, I really want the Mavic mini because I have a spark and now I want more battery and more range and the 3 axis gimbal. If I win the Mavic mini I would give my spark to my brother.

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    13. Would use the DJI Mavic Mini To record around Niagara Falls Ontario Canada . Would like to upgrade to Mavic Mini Combo Pack .

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    14. I am a 14 year old in drone club at school. Biggest drone enthusiast ever butim to broke for any drone.

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    15. Would love to win this Great little drone want to take footage of whales while on the boat fishing for salmon on the sunshine coast of British Columbia Canada. lost of beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls and little islands around here. will keep my fingers crossed.

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    16. My hobby is flying and I have a cheap 50 dollar drone and I really want it for aerial photography and also its my dream.

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