How to update Phantom 4 Firmware

    How to update Phantom 4 Firmware

    Here we detail how to update the Phantom 4 Firmware. It’s important to update the firmware when for example new features are released, or important issues are fixed. You should note however that we have a few suggestions regarding firmware updates. If you have an important flight planned and have had no issues with your current firmware version, do not upgrade yet. Why do we recommend this? Simple, after each Phantom 4 firmware update it’s important to test the functionality of the quadcopter in a spacious & safe environment. For this test flight, it helps to not have pressure to “get that important photo or video”. UPDATE:  What’s New in v1.1.411: Fixed the camera live view so it does not become blurry when using a color profile, i.e. D-Log, B&W, etc. Note: Some people were having issues with blurry footage using specific Color modes in version 1.1.410. This update fixes this issue. What’s New in v1.1.410: Added a feature to automatically turn off the Front LED while shooting still photos or videos. Enable this feature in the “Camera Settings” section of the DJI GO app. Optimized altitude adjustment logic so that the aircraft automatically adjusts its altitude according to changes in terrain while using ActiveTrack (available when the aircraft is flying within 10 meters of the ground). Optimized camera and lens spectrum parameters. Improved Propeller Guard recognition to reduce the chances of misdetection. Changed the notification tone for gimbal initialization. What’s New in v1.1.301: Improved encryption to enhance security during transmission. Optimized take-off logic for the aircraft when the compass experiences interference. Corrected system status information for some batteries. Increased downloading speed for photos and videos. Note: Firmware updates for both the aircraft and remote controller is required.  If you intend to upgrade the firmware through the DJI GO app, be sure to first update the Android version of DJI GO to v2.7.2 before upgrading the firmware for the aircraft and the remote controller. DJI released firmware update version v1.0.0288 for the Phantom 4. The DJI Assistant 2 Software for Windows & Mac just went live (Download Here). The DJI GO App has been updated to version 2.7.0 for both iOS and Android. What’s New in v1.0.0288: Improved download speed for photo and video files. Changed procedure for stopping motors during flight (CSC Command). To stop motors during flight, pull the left stick to the bottom inside corner while simultaneously pressing the Smart RTH button. This new procedure will only become available when Remote Controller firmware is updated to the latest version. Optimized Low Battery descent logic. Added support for HDMI expansion module on the remote controller. Optimized control stick movement performance...

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