DJI’s next Drone leaked – DJI Mavic Compact Drone

    DJI’s next Drone leaked – DJI Mavic Compact Drone

    BREAKING: DJI is releasing the DJI Mavic TODAY (Sept. 27th). See all the details and updates to the Leaks on this page. The DJI Mavic is here! Check it out Now! The Mavic has just been released! It features a new DJI technology called OcuSync, which appears to be the successor to Lightbridge. OcuSync claims up to 7km (4.3mi) range at 720P and 1080P streaming in closer range. It even allows transfer of videos and images taken at up to 40Mb/s while the Mavic is in the air! *DJI Mavic Release* – The Announcement Event Live Stream for the DJI Mavic Release – Adventure at your Fingertips Event will be available here. Check back Sept. 27th at 11:30 EDT New York time or subscribe to our list to be notified. DJI will stream the Event for the DJI Mavic Release live at this link here. The Event will start at 11:30 EDT Time (US), 17:30 EU (Germany, France, Spain), 23:30 China. Be notified by signing here. UPDATE 9: The DJI Mavic will be released in two Versions at launch. They will be the DJI Mavic S and the high-end DJI Mavic Pro. Pricing for the high end is rumored to be around $1299. From the release of the FCC ID sticker locations and the stickers themselves we know that there will be two versions of the DJI Mavic coming on September 27th at the live event detailed above. This goes along with earlier rumors that there will be a lower end version utilizing an ofdm (wifi) based link. This should be similar to the remote control system used in the Phantom 3 4K. The Mavic Pro will feature full-range Lightbridge as we know it on the Phantom 4. There may be further limitations to the Mavic S such as Camera Resolution, but the main thing currently is pointing to the technology used in the remote control. Speaking of remote controls, we also get a sneak peak of the bottom of the Mavic remote control, see the third FCC image below. DJI Mavic S – Model M1S DJI Mavic S – Model M1P Mavic GL200A Remote Control UPDATE 8: DJI Go App for Mavic leaked: Thanks to an anonymous source we received screenshots of a yet to be released DJI App which has placeholders for 2 different Mavic drones. Just like the Phantom 4 was codenamed Tomato the Mavic is codenamed Maverick. Hence why the screenshots show Maverick. Interestingly, there appears to be a new DJI GO PAD app mentioned. This may be a version of the Mavic with built-in display, however the leaked images do now support a built-in display...

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