SpinUp 2020 – FPV from a Camera Drone Users Perspective

    Welcome to the Quadcopterguide SpinUp2020 Page. Here you can find important details and info for my SpinUp 2020 presentation. SpinUp 2020 If you haven’t seen it yet be sure to check out the main SpinUp 2020 page. I was fortunate enough to partake as a Speaker for SpinUp 2020. Thanks to Kelly over at ReadySetDrone for giving me the opportunity. It was fantastic to be able to present on the same “stage” like so many other great YouTubers. My presentation “FPV from a Camera Drone Users Perspective” FPV has become a more prominent genre in the drone/quadcopter hobby recently and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at FPV from a Camera Drone Users Perspective. FPV from a Camera Drone Users Perspective - SpinUp 2020 Watch this video on YouTube. Shownotes During my presentation, I covered quite a bit of topics. Here are some interesting tidbits and some links to some of the things I talked about. Don’t forget to check out other videos regarding FPV on the channel.   Maneuverability The larger motors are of course not the only thing which makes the 7″ FPV quad more powerful and agile. Running a mich higher voltage power system onboard also helps deliver more juice to the larger motors. Mavic 2 Pro – The standard in Camera Drones 7″ FPV Quad build – Build Video Cinematic FPV Video Li-Ion battery build – Li-Ion Build video and why you would do this   Latency For the hardcore FPV racers where every millisecond counts you will still see Analog Video technology used 100% of the time. Analog can get the latency down to 1-4ms. 0.004seconds! For everyone else out there, the DJI FPV System’s 28ms latency is perfectly fine, in my opinion.   Flight Assistance Systems When I was referencing the GPS locked hover which we get on DJI camera drones, I said that this isn’t possible with FPV quads. When saying this I was referencing the standard Betaflight powered FPV drone. Even with a GPS chip wired onboard, it will not do a perfectly still hands-off hover. There may be other flight controller firmware out there which does enable this feature. GPS-Rescue GPS Rescue if activated will actually have the quad crash land somewhere around your takeoff location. This happens if you do not regain control of the drone or you do not actively try to control the quad even if the control link has been re-established. Flight Modes on DJI Camera Drones In the video I talk about GPS Mode and ATTI mode. GPS mode is the standard if there are a minimum number of satellites locked. You...

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