DJI Spark Charging Station Review – Everything you need to know!

    DJI Spark Charging Station Review – Everything you need to know!

    DJI released a new accessory for the DJI Spark drone! Today we will take a look at the DJI Spark Charging Station. This device allows you to charge your Spark drone on the go! DJI Spark Charging Station Review   Official DJI Spark Charging Station Review - Everything you need to know!Watch this video on YouTube. (Our own video review of the charging station)   Features The charging station allows you to charge your DJI Spark, spare batteries and even any accessory which is able to be charged with a USB cable. If you have ever wished to charge batteries while on-the-go, without a power outlet available, then this is for you! Highlights: Charge & Storage location for Spark (with battery), and 2 additional spare Spark batteries 5000mAh built-in LiPo battery enough to charge 3 Spark batteries fully Different available charging modes Smart Charge Order Includes an additional AC Adapter Optional Case is the last Case you will need for your Spark!     Usage To turn on the Spark Charging Station you just tap-release-tap-and-hold the power button. Just like you turn on the DJI Spark or any other DJI drone for that matter. It’s intelligent Smart Charge Order feature ensures that you can get back into the air as quickly as possible. The batteries in the aircraft get charged first and then the spare batteries inside the Spark Charging Station. The spare batteries will be charged in order of highest remaining charge first. So if one spare battery is at 30% remaining charge and the other at 15%, the one with 30% will get charged first. This ensures the shortest charge time for the next battery being charged. Note: When the power level of the charging station gets to 5% it will stop charging and turn itself off automatically. Additionally when charging is complete or the device doesn’t find a battery or device to charge it will turn off automatically.   Different Modes Leaving Charging Station attached to External Power You can use the Spark Charging Station while plugged into an AC Outlet. This allows you to charge your batteries and the charging station at the same time. You can also only charge your smartphone or tablet via the built-in USB port. One less charger you have to carry with you on vacation!     Charging Station out in the field with no External Power Of course, the main purpose of the Spark Charging Station is to charge your Spark and its batteries out on-the-go. Once the charging station is fully charged, it’s capable of charging three DJI Spark batteries from a fully discharged state to fully charged. Of course,...

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