Another Phantom 3 Model is launched the Phantom 3 – 4K

    Another Phantom 3 Model is launched the Phantom 3 – 4K

    If three Phantom 3 Models to choose from weren’t enough now there is a fourth. Say hello to the Phantom 3 4K. At first the name is slightly confusing, does it get you the features of the Phantom 3 Professional? Is it better of worse than the Phantom 3 Advanced? Is it a better deal than the Phantom 3 Standard? These are the questions we will answer below: Link to Specs of the Phantom 3 – 4K It looks to be a Phantom 3 Standard with the 4K Camera from the Phantom 3 Professional. There are a few big differences between the P3-4K (Phantom 3 4K) and the P3P (Phantom 3 Professional) and the P3Std (Phantom 3 Standard): The P3-4K has following features compared to the P3P: Same lens and sensor Phantom 3 Advanced and Pro Remote Control housing (same as P3P but without some of the internals & USB Ports) 1.200m range FCC (vs. 5.000m) GPS Only (No GLONASS) 5.8GHz frequency used for Remote Control (vs. 2.4GHz) 2.4G WiFi Video Downlink (instead of Lightbridge HD) 57w Battery Charger (vs 100w charger on Phantom 3 Pro) 2Mbps Max Video Bitrate for FPV Stream (compared to 10Mbps on P3P due to Lightbridge) The P3-4K features following over the Phantom 3 Standard: 4K Camera with Sony Exmor R BSI sensor 12.4 effective MP (vs. Panasonic Smart FSI in P3 Std 12 effective MP) UHD: 4096x2160p 24/25, 3840x2160p 24/25/30 (Bold = New to Phantom 3 4K) FHD: 1920x1080p 24/25/30/48/50/60 HD: 1280x720p 24/25/30/48/50/60 Threaded filter ring on camera lens for additional filter types such as ND Filters Visual Positioning System (VPS) – Allows for position holding without GPS signal Phantom 3 Advanced and Pro Remote Control housing with dedicated buttons and switches: Video Recording Button Shutter Button Playback Button Flight Mode Switch Gimbal Dial 2 Dedicated Customizable Buttons SD 480P FPV Stream (not quite sure why it is not the same as P3 Std at HD 720P) FCC rating has increased to 1200m (from 1000m on Std) CE stays at 500m Pricing – $999 (Initially we found a price of $899) For the estimated price the Phantom 3 4K is a decent choice for beginners that want more features than the Phantom 3 Standard has to offer. If 4K Video, Visual Position System or having a nicer Remote Control is important to you then you should choose the Phantom 3 4K over the Phantom 3 Standard. However, due to the $999 pricing we would pick the Phantom 3 Advanced for the same money.  ...

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