DJI announces Ronin-S, Osmo Mobile 2 at CES 2018

    DJI announces Ronin-S, Osmo Mobile 2 at CES 2018

    CES the worlds largest Consumer Electronics Show starts in Las Vegas tomorrow, and DJI will also be present. We have just received word that DJI is announcing two new handheld stabilizers. The Ronin-S and Osmo Mobile 2. Ronin-S Designed for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras Single hand operation Compatible with DJI Focus and other Ronin accessories Osmo Mobile 2 Designed for smartphones Allows for charging of smartphone Up to 15 hour battery life Check both out at the links above! We are happy to see the Ronin-S, since we have been waiting for a smaller version of the Ronin, however, one interesting question that remains is pricing. We are also releasing our DJI Spark Charging Station Review soon. Stay tuned!...

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