DJI Mavic Mini leaked – All the Rumors & Details!

    DJI Mavic Mini leaked – All the Rumors & Details!

    The latest DJI Mavic Mini drone has leaked! As we gear up for the October 30th launch, more information is hitting every day. All the Info, Specs and leaked photos we have to date on the Mini Mavic below: Mavic Mini Pre-Orders DJI will be selling the Mavic Mini through its online store. Historically orders from DJI direct have been received before being able to buy the drones off of local retailers shelves, or on amazon, etc. There is no telling if initial quantities will sell-out quickly. Pre-Order your DJI Mavic Mini HERE Update Video: Mavic Mini feature and spec surprises (read further for more new images & specs): A huge national retailer leaked the feature-set of the mavic mini. There are quite a few surprises: DJI Mavic Mini Final Specs! Shocking Details! [4K] Watch this video on YouTube. Update 11: Mavic Mini Pricing confirmed!   Update 10: First Mavic Mini in the wild spotted OsitaLV got sent some photos of the Mavic Mini in the wild. Check out this 249gram drone in it’s standard color. Update 9: Official Specs and features. Any other features/spec sheets to date are fake or guessed 249 gram weight 30 min max flight time 3 axis gimbal Vision Sensor to bottom and GPS precise position hold simplified record and edit mode 4KM HD transmission system   Update 8: Official Mavic Mini images leak When it rains it pours. Soon we will know everything there is to know about the Mavic Mini before DJI’s October 30th Fly As You Are Event. Here the latest images of the new drone:         Update 7: Exclusive leaked images At this rate, we will know the full specs soon as well :). More leaked images of the mavic mini: Update 6: More Images leak of Mavic Mini UPDATE 5: DJI launches Mavic Mini Pre-Launch page Fly as You Are is the tagline on the new page just launched by DJI. Check out the teaser page yourself here. #DJIFlyAsYouAre UPDATE 4: Mavic Mini Gimbal Comparison The first official DJI mavic mini product photos just leaked today. Here is a quick look at the gimbals from previous drones and Osmo Pocket. One gimbal sure looks very similar! Updated image below with gimbal from latest leak. Looking at the last image in the gimbal comparison above, it almost looks like there are two different gimbals on the mavic mini. In the first image on the left, it looks like the Osmo Pocket gimbal and camera. On the image on the right, however, it looks like the DJI Sparks gimbal has been flipped 180 degrees.   UPDATE 3: Dealer...

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