DJI Phantom 4 Rumors & Leaks

    DJI Phantom 4 Rumors & Leaks

    Everything about the DJI Phantom 4 including launch details, confirmed Leaks and Rumors. An announcement event is taking place on march 1st.The next huge release in Drone history is around the corner. Stay tuned to all updates, enter your email at the end of the article! Our Phantom 4 Firmware Upgrade Guide is live! Check it out here. Phantom 4 Order Link   Check out the most important accessories on our Phantom 4 Accessories: Everything you need to know page Come hang out and talk drones. Join our Phantom 4 Facebook Group! UPDATE 18:  DJI has released official videos of the Phantom 4. Check them out here. We have also put up a Phantom 4 Videos Page. UPDATE17: The Launch is on! The Time is here. Click the above image for the Launch. Check out our Phantom 4 Features Page where we compiled a list of Features we should see from the DJI Phantom 4! UPDATE16: A dealer has leaked following information: $1399 UPDATE15: DJI placed a Countdown Timer onto their homepage for the Phantom 4 launch. UPDATE14: The first high-resolution images of the Phantom 4 is available: This further solidifies the Phantom 4 Leaks we reported in the previous weeks. Phantom 4 Pre-Order Link UPDATE13: The FCC Registration for the Phantom 4 is available. This confirms the name, battery shape and size. FCC ID UPDATE12: Front anti-collision sensors confirmed! Well if we didn’t need further proof that the DJI Phantom 4 was launching on Tuesday, March 1st, here is a photo taken of the DJI Go App with the Phantom 4 ready for connection. There are a couple of very interesting things in this leaked image: Look at the two front Vision Detection Sensors (visual cameras). At a minimum with these frontal sensors in addition to the larger VPS Sensors at the bottom of the drone, giving it the ability to sense and detect obstacles in flight. We will have anti-collision capabilities for the front and bottom of the aircraft. The propellers shown give us the best look so far at the way they are mounted to the Phantom 4. The wider propeller base makes room for a quick-release mechanism allowing for faster propeller installation. Compared to the earlier leaked images of the Phantom 4 (see below) the camera has been slimmed up a bit. It is no longer as bulky as seen in the previous images. The message scrolling at the bottom of the screen mentions the Front sensors and how they should be turned off for certain types of flying (perhaps at night). In addition to all this, the top of the Phantom 4 will have no vents, except maybe tiny slots on the tops...

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