DJI Action Camera Rumors & Leaks

    DJI Action Camera Rumors & Leaks

    For years I thought “Why doesn’t DJI just release an action camera like the GoPro?”. Well, it sounds like that DJI Action Camera may finally become a reality. DJI is rumored to finally release a direct GoPro Hero 7 Black competitor! All the rumors and leaks on this DJI Action Camera: It’s released: check out the new Osmo Action HERE! DJI Action Camera – OSMO Action, what have we heard? Even though it seems like an obvious DJI product, the DJI Action Cam hasn’t really seen any concrete evidence or rumors, let alone leaks in the past. Well, today this changed. Check out everything we know about the DJI Osmo Action: Latest leaked Images & Specs of the DJI OSMO Action DJI Osmo Action - New Leaks & Infos DJI's Action Cam [4K] Watch this video on YouTube. Update 9: More official specs are available: The Osmo Action will shoot 4K HDR and be waterproof to 11m as is. RockSteady uses electronic image stabilization with complex algorithms to provide best in class stabilization without a gimbal! HDR in 4K ensures that a greater dynamic range is recorded. Highlights and Shadows will keep more details. 100MBit per second Video Bandwidth. Multiple creative recording modes will ensure you can easily record the action. Slow-Mo with 240fps at 1080p. Images at night capable of up to 120 seconds Shutter speed. Built-In Timelapse mode. Timelapse RAW capture possible. The 3 buttons allow you to quickly change settings so you don’t miss out on important shots. The QS (Quick-Switch) button allows you to quickly switch through the different modes. One button allows you to quickly switch between the 2 screens. Snapshot mode allows you to record in the previous mode even if the Osmo Action is turned off, in only 2 seconds startup time. Voice commands allow you to control certain aspects of the device with just your voice. The Lens consists of 3 aspherical lenses, effectively reducing distortion to a minimum, and ensure a crystal clear image quality. The high performing battery works in temperatures down to -10 degrees C (14 degrees Fahrenheit).  An efficient cooling system allows prolonged use up t0 16% more. (Not sure what that’s comparing to). Update 8: Official Osmo Action Images & Specs have leaked!       Update 7: Rocksteady is the new Hypersmooth & Specs! Details of the DJI Osmo Action are leaking ahead of the event. DJI’s electronic image stabilization will be called Rocksteady. It works similarly to GoPro’s Hypersmooth. The Osmo Action will also feature a D-Cinelike color profile to allow users to retain a bit more dynamic range for those wanting to edit...

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