DJI Mavic Air Leaks & Rumors

    DJI Mavic Air Leaks & Rumors

    Everything about the DJI Mavic Air including launch details, Rumors and leaks. An announcement event is taking place on January 23rd 10AM EST. We expect to officially hear about the DJI Mavic Air at this event. The next Drone release from DJI is around the corner. Stay tuned to all updates, enter your email at the end of the article! DJI Mavic Air DJI’s consumer drones haven’t seen a real update to the Mavic segment since the Mavic Pro’s launch in October 2016. The following evolutionary update was the Mavic Platinum which featured an up to 4dB reduction in take-off and landing noise, as well as an improved flight time reaching up to 30min. The Mavic Platinum was released in August 2017. Shortly thereafter the Mavic Pro received a fully white version edition called the Alpine White Edition in November 2017. The Mavic Air will be the first big update to the Mavic line since the Mavic Pro’s debut in 2016. The next version of the Mavic was rumored to be the Mavic 2. This drone would see the inclusion of a camera similar to the 1″ sensor found on the Phantom 4 Pro/Adv. The Adventure Unfolds event could see a launch of two new Mavic drones. One being the Mavic Air with a 1/2.3″ sensor (12 MP) with zoom capabilities and the other being a Pro model with the 1″ sensor (20 MP). The next few months will see a Mavic Pro II & Phantom 5.     Read on to find out about expected features & pricing information. Live-Stream is up! Watch it live HERE! Update 14: It’s official Mavic Air is here! Check out the new DJI Mavic Air Here! (Click here to check out the new Mavic Air)   Update 13: Specs confirmed! We have just received word of the official specs of the Mavic Air. It appears to have a version of Ocusync as the range is up to 4km! Camera: 3-Axis Gimbal 1/2.3″ 12MP CMOS camera sensor Auto-panorama mode (Vertical/Wide/180°/Sphere) & HDR Photos 4K/30fps @ 100Mpbs video and 1080p/120fps slow motion video 8GB onboard memory Flight performance: 21min flight time flight control distance of 4km max speed of 68.4km/h (42.5mph / 19m/s) Supports 2.4/5.8GHz dual signal band switching Aircraft: Fuselage can be folded Remote Control can be folded Remote Control Control-Sticks can be removed Advanced features: Smart return-to-home Advanced flight support system VIO – Visual inertial odometer technology Algorithm redundancy and multi-sensor redundancy design Intelligent & Easy to use Follow Me mode Short film modes Guided flight The Mavic Air will be DJI CARE eligible and compatible with the DJI Goggles.   Update...

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