Cheap Ronin-S DJI releases Essential Bundle

    Cheap Ronin-S DJI releases Essential Bundle

    The Ronin-S has been a serious competitor on the gimbal market. It is aimed more at the pros than just the prosumers. You can tell by its features and the usual $749 price tag. Today DJI, however, released an Essential Bundle Edition of the Ronin-S which makes it the cheapest it’s ever been. And yes this is a few leagues above the newly released Osmo Pocket. Cheap Ronin-S Essential Bundle Cheap Ronin-S! Essential and Standard Kit comparison [4K]Watch this video on YouTube. You still get the Ronin-S Gimbal, the BG37 Battery Grip, Camera Mounting Plate, Camera Riser and other bits and pieces. Mainly the difference between the Essential Bundle and the Normal Bundle now called “Standard Kit” is the lack of Focus Wheel attachment, IR cable, Type C and B control cables ($19), the tripod/extended grip is made out of plastic and not metal, and the 24W USB Power Adapter isn’t included. The zipper accessories box, the allen wrench and a 2nd velcro cable tie is also not in the essential bundle. When you look at everything you really need, you could pick up the essential bundle and the mutli-camera control cable for your camera and still be over $200 cheaper than the Standard Kit. Check out the Essential Bundle aka the cheap Ronin-S here. You can check if your camera is compatible with the built-in Camera functions by checking the Camera Compatibility List.   STAY IN TOUCH! If you’d like to stay up to date with all the latest drone/gimbal news, rumors, and reviews, then follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or sign up for our email newsletter. Purchase your next drone directly from DJI or retailers like Amazon. By using our links, we will make a small commission, at no cost to you. Thank you for helping QuadcopterGuide...

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