The Best and Worst Black Friday Drone Deals

    The Best and Worst Black Friday Drone Deals

    We detail the best Black Friday Drone Deals! Black Friday Drone Deals Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate! Luckily everyone benefits from Black Friday. We have looked through the Black Friday Deals and filtered through them to show you the best ones. If you have had your eye on a drone, this may be the time for you to grab one. The best discounts: Spark $100 off (20% off!) & Free extras ( Landing Pad, prop holders, hand guard) Mavic Pro Fly More Combo $150 off (12%) and Free extras (Landing Pad, Propeller Holders, Control Stick Protector) Osmo Mobile (black & silver) $100 (33% off!) Phantom 4 Pro – Free extras (High Capacity Battery, Landing Pad, MicroSD card) Phantom 4 Advanced – Free extras (High Capacity Battery, Landing Pad, MicroSD card)(Note: The free extras don’t show up in your cart, they automatically get added though if ordered through these links and before the deadline). The not so hot deals: DJI Goggles $50 off (must buy with drone) Mavic pro Alpine White Combo $50 off Osmo+ $100 off (14%)These deals are valid from Nov 22, 9:00 pm, and Nov 27, 11:59pm (UTC-8 / Pacific Time), 2017. The rest of the fine print can be read here. Interesting Gear for Mavic & Spark We just came across this page with some new accessories. The Seagate HD can, of course, be used for all drones. Check out the new aftermarket accessories from PolarPro, PGYTech, Seagate, Pelican and Peak Design HERE (items up to 20% off)...

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