DJI Phantom 1 Trainer launched

In a quiet update of the Phantom 1 Series DJI just launched the DJI Phantom Trainer. It appears to be a Phantom FC40 without the attached camera and running on 2.4GHz vs 5.8GHz from the FC40.

There have been a few improvements made to the original Phantom 1 however:

  • New motors
  • Propellers upgraded over original Phantom props (perhaps dynamically balanced)
  • New compact Compass

Overall the features are similar to an FC40 minus the ability to record video or photos out of the box. You can mount a GoPro in the available holster (not included). So basically the Phantom 1 Trainer is just a FC40 without the camera and runs on 2.4GHz. I would still recommend anyone interested in this model to spend the extra $200 and get the recently upgrade V2 of the DJI Phantom 2. I strongly believe that the extended flight time, better motors, props, battery, and the step up to the NAZA-M V2 justify the slight price increase, especially if you ever want to mount a gimbal to smooth out your video, which you will most definitely want to :).

For more information on the DJI Phantom 1 Trainer click here.

front_with_gopro_Phantom_1_Trainer Images courtesy of DJI


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Author: Felix

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