DJI + Discover App leaked – Find drone pilots near you

We just got our hands on the latest “DJI +” Discover App leak. This will be an app available for iOS and android. Check out the details below.


DJI + Discover

Just flight

DJIs new APP, is not about just flying. It allows you to connect with people of the UAV world. Not only can you find friends and interesting activities nearby, and access to aerial experts guidance, but you can also easily find the nearest authorized store to experience the products. It will enable you to participate in planned activities and obtain quality service. DJI + DISCOVER will turn into a whole new world.

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Near You / Teaching / Help / Aerial Pros

Flying Near You: find flying friends around you and activities to keep flying fun

Teaching: get flight tips and pointers, become quicker to grasp flight and aerial tricks

Help: if there is a problem, seek help from flying friends nearby, and quickly resolve issues

Aerial Pros: a professional team, providing quality aerial service



DJI Store Experience / Official Events / Official Services

DJI Store Experience : find your personal hands-on DJI store experience

Official Events: DJI training camp, DJI elite meetings and a series of various activities

Official Service: book services by telephone, online Q&A, or make an appointment for training



Products / Imaging / Academy / Events

Product: the product experience to share & discuss product issues

Video: wonderful aerial video, technical aerial posts

Schools: experts will share with you how to learn to fly & the latest in technology

Activity: DJI training camp, DJI experience exchange, DJI Elites



New Products / Promotions / Online Shopping

New Releases: the latest product release information

Promotions: promo information

Online Shopping: easy mobile orders


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Author: Felix

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